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“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
-Philip Pullman
From high quality 3D textures, models, and animations for games to stereoscopic 3D presentations for medical applications, Kinementis offers its clients a host of production services that enable them to meet their objectives on time and under budget.

Listen and play along in this narrated iOS 3D story book of the timeless classic Jack and the Beanstalk. Guide Jack through his adventure in a beautifully realized 3D world as he saves his mother's farm and rids the world of a great evil. Great for children of all ages.

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NeuroView is an interactive iOS application that allows the user to manipulate patient/head positioning for surgical planning. This application also allows a study of the normal 3D anatomy in relation to an underlying pathology (i.e. aneurysm).

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In this windows platformed experience, a serial killer is on the loose, but the mystery won't go unsolved with the help of your sluthing abilities. Get behind the heart and soul of a real detective as you search for justice in Cold Steele

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